divine intervention

7 09 2007





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7 09 2007

I didn’t understand yet how I could upload it…

7 09 2007
Sarah Joan

I enjoyed this a lot 😀 Computers can be very mysterious. When I was about 12 , I would try to load a PC game, but it was only successful 50 % of the time. Interestingly, the 50 % of the time it did work was when I did a really stupid ‘computer prayer dance’ (when no one was looking , of course ).

Nice to meet you Juhyun!

7 09 2007

Computer prayer dance?? Hmm… have to try that at once.
Splendid strip Juhyun, we need more of these 🙂

8 09 2007

I feel your pain, Juhyun. I’m also having the same difficulties….

Hi everyone, I’m Paola. Nice to meet you all!

2 01 2015

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