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7 09 2007

The Derive    This is a wee sample of the last piece of work I completed to get the creative flow flowing. It was meant to be an attempt to capture the incidents and memories of a walk while they were still fresh, but took so long to complete the memories needed a bit of embellishing. I have a bigger version here.

Best to all,





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7 09 2007

Hey, I took a look at the bigger version in Deviantart, it’s gorgeous! I love maps and working with them to develop storytelling too, I’d better upload some of those (as soon as I learn how to do it). Nice work!

7 09 2007

I think Maps are a great way to get into the multiplot, most comics I see are too linear for my liking. Whilst I have no problem with it, i feel the act of writing comics has a natural tendency towards the multiplot. For example a moment can be pieced together in its entirety by using various smaller fragments. And if these fragments in turn can often be complete in itself. This is why sometimes this heavy bias on monograph style of writing such as “I took the tube, went to the bug bar, met my mates at the pub, bumped into my X, went over to her pad in Deptford had sex and next morning felt empty ‘ makes me a little annoyed.

Although, to contradict myself, sometimes I feel autobiographical writing can be brilliant. I guess it depends heavily on the content.

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