7 09 2007

This was an old journal post. Just trying things out. Hi everyone! =)



May 1


I was on my way home from the town of Los Baños in the rural province of Laguna, some two to three hours by bus from urban Manila. I left Los Baños lat around 5 o’clock in the afternoon; the buses were already full and we had no choice but to stand in the aisle for two hours until we reached the city. By six o’clock, the bus reached neighboring Calamba. The sun had set and it was already dark.


The conductor had turned on the onboard TV and tuned on to TV Patrol World, a local news program where they were still reporting the Labor Day rallies that happened during the day. Outside, traffic had slowed to a crawl. On a street sandwiched between a ChowKing Chinese Fastfood resto and a Greenwich Pizzeria, a group of 50 or so people had gathered around a fire that burned from inside a steel drum. Around it were rallyists waving red flags. A TV camera man had climbed onto the roof of a pick-up truck to video the demonstration. Inside the bus, the onboard flourescent lights blinked to life casting a pale glow over the upholstery.




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