My turn to test :)

9 09 2007

Eurasian Foklore

I tried this yesterday, but nothing came up, grrr.This was an early attempt at merging my memories of european childhood stories with asian cultures….can you guess which story this is based on?




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10 09 2007

Little Red Riding Hood? =P

10 09 2007

Yeah, no prizes for guessing though! 😀

10 09 2007

I love the image! The drawing of the house in the background is really nice. There’s a really good feeling of place there too.
I was having a good think yesterday about how you could deal with local identities and landscapes in a visual way.
I have an issue of a mini-series Marvel did a few years ago called ‘Muties’ that was set in Northern Ireland. How did they show that it was Ireland? Everything was set in a field and blurry. Its sort of my benchmark for everything I want to avoid.

11 09 2007

Hello Fionnuala ! Yes, people use a lot of cliches when it comes to Ireland ( was initially guilty of that myself , to be honest ha ha) the drawing is that of a typical kampung ( village) house here in Malaysia…

I’d love to learn more about your work. I believe someone mentioned a deviantart page?

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