First Impressions…

11 09 2007

of what was going through my mind those first moments…

First Impressions




4 responses

11 09 2007

I like the lightness and effortlessness of the strip. Sarah is it the direction you are planning to move your strip toward? Like an exchange of dialogue with Fionualla. Could be an interesting idea, maybe a theme can develope over a period. What does Fionaualla think about this.


11 09 2007

Ha! You’ve just made me laugh out loud, and given my an idea of somewhere to start.

An exchange of dialogue sounds like an interesting direction. I could do a strip of the same moment on my end? Maybe I should leave everyone thinking I’m tall, willowy and golden haired…

12 09 2007

Thank you Sarnath, its a pleasure to have you guiding us along this new territory.Fionnuala , i’d love to see what’s going through your mind….just post away! hope you don’t mind any little typos or mistakes , if I’ve made them:)Thinking up a part two..

12 09 2007

great, getting to see lots of excellent work, will be away for a week, in a village south of france, no internet, back in action on the 20th. The work looks great.

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