14 09 2007

Hi people,

Slightly off-the-topic, is there anyone who will extend their stay in London? I reckon all of us is travelling alone, so why don’t we get together and explore London for another 1-2 days after the project is done? I’m sure there are plenty to see! =D

Please leave your response in the comments, so we all know who is interested to travel together and who doesn’t.

Take care everyone!





6 responses

14 09 2007

Its sound interesting!!

14 09 2007

I thik I’ll stay a couple of days more at a friend’s place, so it’d be great to so some more turism together! Shall we speak it all over an e-mail?

14 09 2007

I might be getting in a bit early on the Friday and scooting over to the British Museum to see the exhibition of the Terracotta Warriors (provided I can get it, or get a ticket). Would anyone else be interested in doing it?

15 09 2007

British museum seems like a good place to start. Can we get the ticket if we walk-in?

Anyone interested to see the Stonehenge? It’s only 90 miles west of London, maybe we can go on a half day trip there.

4 10 2007

Can I join the party?

5 10 2007

Everyone is invited, of course.

And now…. back to the drawing table! T_T

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