Spanish omelette: an everlasting friend!

1 10 2007





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1 10 2007

IT’s funny, Ken! By the way, It sounds delicious!!! I’ll try to cook..hehe

1 10 2007

Genial!!!! es genial!!! No me queiro ni imaginar esa tortilla de patatas! Por cierto, te ha faltado por nombrar otro eterno debate… “cuajada o sin cuajar”.. q es otro clásico a la hora de comer tortilla de patatas… pero la página genial

2 10 2007

Hey, thanks!
Phong, good luck with your first try, it’s always a mess 🙂 Luckyly, it can’t be as bad as my first try.
And as Rita says, how much the eggs have to be cooked is always controversial. Beware 🙂

4 10 2007

I always like your posts! It’s so funny, hehehehe!

This post also makes me hungry….. =D~

4 10 2007

Hi Paola! I’m waiting for you to make a similar comic on pasta, every italian I speak to is appaled on how foreigners cook pasta. But “al dente” is fine to me.

4 10 2007

Qué peligro tienes en la cocina!! Jajajja

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