French attitude

14 10 2007





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17 10 2007

You didn’t take me arrownd for an intensive gastronomic tour, though you told me some of the nicest (or may I say cheapest) places in Paris for eating and you also took me to a couple. :).
One last thing… I know you know that Big Mac (not even with the “LE” infront) it’s not french, but Fondue neither (as far as I’m concerned it’s Swiss)… you kwom I’m a food lover :P.
Kisses and continue doing this great stuff

11 02 2013

Last week I drove past my old university town in southern France and stopped over at a popular bakery to pick up baguettes (French crusty bread). However there was none left in stock. So I left and told the store keeper I would return in about an hour, and asked that she have one in the oven ready for me. By the time I returned those were again finished.
I told the woman that I was happy their baguettes were still as good as I remembered them to be, and that people still queued up to buy them. I told her I used to come there every day to buy a loaf while at school. She gave me a modest look, smiled, put on a wry expression and continued to attend to others. I walked away missing France. A friend who was just moved to France was with me at the time. He felt offended that the woman didn’t seem to welcome my appreciation. Then I told him that her behaviour was attribute no. 102 of Frenchship! What my friend didn’t know was that my positive comment could very well end up an hour-long discussion at dinner time in the lady’s home.

These attitudes have been summarised in the book FRENCH ATTITUDE 101: One hundred and one behavioural attributes of Frenchship.

A book by Brian C. Kelly

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