London Photos Flickr Account

31 10 2007


Hello Everyone!

I wasnt sure how much space we have left on WordPress to post pictures of our trip. I made a flickr account as a place we could put our photos. If you guys think its a good idea, then we could save blog space for art and dump our fun pics there:) ( I’ve already posted Tims pictures there to test the thing out)

username: linguacomickers

password: name of nearest tube station from hotel, no spaces 🙂 ( or email me 😛 )




5 responses

31 10 2007

I tried but the password is invalid, pls send me password to email.thanks!!

31 10 2007

Me too, please. 😦 To space or not to space, that is the question…

1 11 2007

I think I’ve got the problem fixed, will mail you both!

11 11 2007

Whoever uploaded those pictures onto Flickr, thank you 🙂
Phong, was that you? If so, you’re my personal hero :))

15 11 2007

yeah..i’m exactly your hero!!:))

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