Azisa & Gabor

Azisa Noor AZISA NOOR: Indonesia

Born in 1987, Indonesian comic artist and illustrator Azisa Noor became interested in comics from an early age, melding her interest in folk stories and myth she grew up with into it. She is currently in her fourth and last year of architecture study whilst pursuing her interest in comic and the graphics art. An active member of Indonesia’s Comic Society (MKI) and several local comic communities both offline and online, she also starts a comic unit in her university and participates in group exhibitions. She has won several national competitions and has published her work in several anthologies and magazines both local and international, and several children’s educational book. She is currently involved in two national collaborative effort, one on the adaptation of Indonesia’s Wayang into comics and another a ‘re-branding’ of Indonesian Superheroes.

gabor_kiss-2.jpg GABOR KISSZ (Kissgz): Hungary

Born in 1973 in Dunaújváros, Hungary. Freelance illustrator, comic artist, writer, member of MKA (Hungarian Comics Academy). He holds an MA and a PhD degree in literature, his CV contains several academic publications on literature, film, and comics. He has been published several comics, both online and printed and he has participated in eleven group exhibitions with his works. Kissgz’s main area of interest is the narrative aspects of comics, films, and games; his comics spans the adaptational, political and cultural aspects of the medium.

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