Turn of the Screw page 7

15 10 2007

Page 7Page 7 ^^


Turn of the Screw page 12

14 10 2007


Henry James meets Ringu, 13-14th pages

14 10 2007

The story is basically complete (just needs some tweaks here and there). Here’s the climax:



Page 3 of our daily horrors

11 10 2007


Prologue – redone

8 10 2007


Ghost story page 10

4 10 2007


Working toward a final concept

2 10 2007

Dear Fionuala, Sarah, Paola, Rommel, Aziza, Gabor,

I feel that the blog has achieved its purpose in creating a dialogue between the collaborators, and a transparency in the creative process. I am very encouraged with the output.

I feel now is the time to streamline your thoughts and maybe put it in a paragraph of concept note of what we are trying to present in London. My strong advice would be to narrow down one’s narrative scope and think of something that is more manageable.

If you all agree I would be happy to see them over the week in my gmail account.

Please write concept note as the subject of the email and you could cc it to David.

Fionuala, Sarah you have a strong possibility of doing a performance comics and put it up on the wall, it is like exploding a piece of comics on the wall.

Paola, Rommel, the dialogue technique and thematic exploration is a good direction to take, but my advice would be to sew up the ends and think of a display.

Aziza, Gabor,

Thanks you Gabor for keeping my in the loop at every step, I am keen to see the page of the final concept.

Please mail me  at my gmail account.