Sketches for pages 1 and 6

16 11 2007

Also, can anyone remember the name of the restaurant we went to on Saturday night? My stomach wants to make a note for future visits.


Some works in progress and doodles on the back of a napkin

9 11 2007

Well, not a napkin but my new sketchbook which is almost as good as some napkins and a length of thread.
These are the drafts for pages 2,3,4 and 5 of Sarah and my collaboration.

page2 Leprechauns

Text is about the Leprechaun, written into the page.

We can speak not their names, only that they are ‘the Good People.’ Beware not to anger them! Only at half light do they reveal themselves in their true forms- be they the most beautiful or terrible of creatures.
Page4 Faeries steal yr bb

They have been known to abduct children; to lead people astray in bogs/forests.

Faeries marry ppl

Many have succumbed to their ethereal beauty. Tales are told of those who followed their beloved to their world, but a time came when they pined for the human life they left behind. They return home only to find many years have passed. (close up on wrinkly hands)

What does everyone think? I’ve been having problems thinking of a ryhme or limerick short enough to fit to fit with page 2.

And I overheard this story the other day and thought of Paul *sniff*


Hey Y’all #2

31 10 2007


Hey y’all

28 10 2007

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Only one sleep to go

18 10 2007

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London here we come

17 10 2007


15 10 2007