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Young Malaysian cartoonist, illustrator and comic artist Sarah Joan Mokhtar was born in 1983. Sarah made her debut at 15 as a comic artist in Ujang, a popular bi-weekly comic magazine and her quirky semi-biographical short stories continued to be featured in comic magazines throughout her boarding school and university years, where she pursued a Diploma, and later, a Bachelors Degree in Fine Art. She was a winner of the 2006 Malaysian Digital Comic Competition and had her work featured in the Cartoon Art Exhibition (Malaysia) in the same year. Recently her 24 Hour comic, Rojak was exhibited in the traveling Notthatbalai Art Festival. In addition to comics, she enjoys exploring other branches of art and has created art for public spaces, retail places and group exhibitions. She is currently plotting a series of graphic novels for publication. She and her husband are proud parents of a five-month old daughter.

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Fionnuala Doran FIONNUALA DORAN: Ireland

Northern Irish artist Fionnuala Doran was born in Armagh in 1984. She is a recent graduate of Fine Art from the University of Ulster and a member of Catalyst Arts, Belfast. She has had work published in the locally in publications such as Small Axe Comics and the Vaccuum. Her work explores and experiments with the possibilities of storytelling in comics. This has extended to mixed-media installations, collages, drawing sequences and animation. She is also fascinated with the relationship of the individual to the urban environment; particularly the concept of the derive, and the incidental details and conversations of modern life as a starting point for narrative.

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