Fong & Sophie

Thanh Phong    NGUYEN THANH PHONG: Vietnam

My name is Nguyen Thanh Phong, and I am a 21-year-old Vietnamese comics artist. I act as team leader in ‘Phong Duong’ comics artist group and I work as a freelance in comics and illustration field for ‘Hoa Hoc Tro’, the reputable teenage magazine in Vietnam, ‘Hoa Mi’, children’s most favorite magazine, ‘Kim Dong’ publisher, a leading publisher for children’s books in Vietnam, and ‘Youth Publisher’, a leading publisher in Vietnam. I have got two works was displayed in the “Mat ke” (Gens de Hanoi) exhibition, a collaboratory comics project with comics students from Angouleme, France). Comics’ art has its own language no matter where the artists come from. However, as in this project participate artists from both Asia and Europe, I think this can be a good chance to promote culture understanding between the 2 regions. I suggest that “cultural identity and human integration” will make a good theme for the project and make it easier for a combined team of Asian and Europe artists to contribute with ideas and have a common working spirit.

Sophie Darcq   SOPHIE DARCQ: France

I was born in South Korea in June 1976, and 4 years later, my 3 sisters and I were adopted by our French parents, who had already adopted a little French girl. So I grew up in France within my French family, between my 4 sisters, without keeping any special connection with Korea. In 1997, I went to Angoulême to study in art school, interested by comics section in particular.
I still live there and my short stories has been published in several collective magazines like : Le Mutant, Le Fil du Nil, La Maison Qui Pue, Ausone, 40075km Comics, and in the website I self-published La Séguidilla (comic strips done for «The Comics’24hours» in January 2007) and Balletto. Since a short while, my interest in Korea and its culture grew up : In 2004, I returned to my motherland for the first time during one month , and I met my biological family and the Korean culture. It was a positive and enriching discover that encouraged me to write a story on what happened. I’m actually working on an autobiographical comics, where I tell the renewing with my Asian roots.


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