Juhyun & Ken

Juhyun Choi   JUHYUN CHOI: South Korea

Author and artist Juhyun Choi uses images to tell stories in which dreams and memories are intermingled. She has published in various anthologies (Stripburger, Patate Douce, Le nouveau journal de Judith et Marinette, 40075km) and self-published several books (Halme, Mains, Cache). The same themes developed in her books also appear in her installations and shadow-theatre creations (notably at the festival City of Women in Ljubljana in October 2005 and for the festival Journée des femmes in Poitiers). Juhyun was born in Gyeongju in South Korea, and came to France to follow studies in the fine arts. She lives and works in Poitiers and Angoulême.

Ken Niimura    J. M. KEN NIIMURA: Spain

J.M. Ken Niimura is a Fine Arts graduate of Japanese and Spanish origin. He has published his work in several books, magazines and fanzines, where he has collaborated on comics, illustrations, articles and interviews. Winner of more than thirty prizes nationwide, he has collaborated in diverse publicity campaigns (Cuatro, Repsol, Juvenalia, VII Salón del Manga), standing out with his illustrations and comics for the “Japanese in mangaland” (Norma Editorial) series of books, as well as the publication of “Underground love” (Amaniaco Ediciones), “Clockworld” (Amaniaco Ediciones), “Vacío Absoluto” (H Studios Ediciones), “Otras jaulas” (Astiberri Ediciones), “En el camino de la madeja” (Astiberri Ediciones), “Historietas” (Recerca Editorial) and “Qu4ttrocento” (Dolmen Ediciones). His work has been put on exhibit in galleries throughout Madrid.

To know more about Ken Niimura’s work: http://www.niimuraweb.com 
Photo Ken Niimura by Juan de la Cruz


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