Tom & Ghosh

Tom Smith TOM SMITH: United Kingdom

I was born in Hammersmith, London in 1980. I studied English literature at university and drew comic strips for a student newspaper. I then did an MA in Film History and wrote my dissertation about puppet animation. After that I went to Japan to teach English and started producing a mini-comic called The Spider Spoke about my life there. I once made a board game inspired by Tibetan Buddhism that was exhibited in the V&A museum. Now I work in a travel bookshop. I would like to make a lot more comics.

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portrait1.jpg VISHWAJYOTI GHOSH: India

Based in New Delhi, I am currently working as Creative Head at Inverted Commas, an independent communications collective in New Delhi and working on and on and on my graphic novel. I have close to ten years of work experience specialising in comics, cutting edge graphics and editorial/ children’s illustrations. Right now I might be struggling to cover the twenty metres between the bed and my drawing board…


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